Mehdi Sefrioui

Mehdi is a fashion photographer from Morocco, who is based in Paris. Through documenting his hikes and travels, Mehdi discovered his love for photography 7 years ago.


Though he initially was drawn to street photography, Mehdi gradually moved towards fashion photography. “Within fashion photography, I discovered a new universe of creativity and inspirations. It is a powerful vehicle for the themes I love.”


We teamed up with Mehdi for a shoot in Paris, where he perfectly blended the rich history and fashionable hearts of both Paris and Vlisco in his stunning photographs.


“As I am involved in the African fashion industry myself, I of course knew the brand and its history. Having seen some great collaborations of Vlisco with various designers, I was very excited to work with a company true to its identity and customers but also in a constant search of renewal. work is all about merging modernity and tradition, and I think this is where Vlisco and I connected.”

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