Fashion Fund 2018 Global

The Finalists


from Canada – Parts of her Journey


In her collection for the Fashion Fund, finalist Abiola reflects on her personal journey of escaping domestic abuse. In her silhouettes, Abiola applied ruffles around the shoulders and neck, symbolic of a weight on the shoulders and a restriction in physical and emotional freedom. Her content portrays the heavy emotions prior to the escape, and the eventual joy and sense of self worth that follow.


from Senegal – Inspired by Ebassa

The collection and the content presentation of Marthe Sharon are based on her fascination with and the extensive research she has carried out on the tradition of Ebassa – a cultural dance from the Bafia tribe of Cameroon. Details and shapes in the garments of the collection are inspired by several aspects of the Ebassa, such as sound elements of the music, movements of the dance and details in the clothing worn during Ebassa.


from Cameroon – Vlisco in a Feminine Associative Mode

Central to this collection is the encounter between the Vlisco fabric and the symbolism and identity of Cameroon’s traditional community of women. The Sudano-Sahelian cotton weavings and their somber Koranic embroidery meet colourful Vlisco designs in Anne-Beatrice’s silhouettes. The collection and content also reinterpret the traditional helmets and horn masks known to Cameroon, and honour Nobel Peace prizewinner Nadia Murad. Anne-Beatrice staged a performance of a fashion show in the Bayam Sellam area, where target fashion clientele is located. The performance led to awe, appreciation and spontaneous participation, demonstrative of the love for local traditions and new interpretations.



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Meet the Global Jury of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

This week the Global Jury visits The Netherlands to review the results of the 21 finalists of this year’s Fashion Fund contest. We are delighted to have Bubu, Oliver and Velma involved in the very important process of selecting the 7 winners of this year’s Fashion Fund.

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Vlisco very proudly announces the winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

During the last week in November, the Global Jury reviewed the creations of the 21 finalists and reached its decision on which seven contestants would be crowned winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

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