Fabric Stories

Though created in The Netherlands, our designs come to life in Africa where traders and customers name them. As far as we know, Vlisco is the only brand in the world where the customer names the product and gives a special meaning to the design. Vlisco designs speak volumes when stories are attributed to them. Uncover the terms and tales that our fabrics have acquired over the years.

Tomatoes, Necklace Learn more
Hibiscus Learn more
Don't get married empty-handed
Don't get married empty-handed Learn more
Fleur de Mariage
Fleur de Mariage Learn more
Jumping Horse
Jumping Horse Learn more
The Happy Family
The Happy Family Learn more
You leave, I leave
You leave, I leave Learn more
Six Bougies
Six Bougies Learn more
Speedbird Learn more
Fallen tree
Fallen Tree Learn more
Kofi Annan’s Brains
Kofi Annan's Brains Learn more

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