Fashion Fund 2018 Ghana

The Finalists


The collection is inspired by the epic phenomenon and legend of Gladiators. Jeremiah Mensah sees gladiators as revolutionary, groundbreaking beings who pave the way for others. In his garments, he questions and challenges conventions in fashion and advocates a fluid understanding of predetermined concepts and definitions. As patterns are rarely seen in menswear, Jeremiah seeks to revolutionise menswear by embracing the print and bringing it back into fashion.


The Royal Vintage

The purple colour scheme of the fabrics Naa Lamley Annang received invoked a sense of royalty, luxury, nobility, power and ambition. The collection is typified by the attributes that purple is associated with: wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity and independence. The Regal-Vintage collection was inspired by the strong and dynamic fashion scene of the 1920s. The collection however, found relevance in the modern era as well.

His collection showcases the ideas of an intriguing era steeped in modern style and appeal. The lines and motifs in the fabric accentuated the designs in the most impactful ways possible. The Global Local Vintage Woman is a stylish, sensitive and culturally appropriate woman who appreciates her place and impact within the global economy.



‘Bold, beautiful, powerful and outstanding are special attributes of the African women who wear the aura of magnificence’. This was the starting point for Nana’s collection. Over the decades, African women have proven themselves to be more daring and are impacting society in several positive ways. Nana was inspired by the power, elegance and courage of the African woman wanting to stand tall. The colour scheme set a joyous, feminine tone that became central to Nana’s collection.



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Fashion Fund 2018 - The Interview Rounds

By September 30, the Fashion Fund Team had received over 600 portfolios from fashion creatives based in Africa and many other places around the world. It was an enormous challenge to choose from so many great designers. The candidates who presented the most remarkable designs in the most interesting ways and who showed the most potential were invited for interview.

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Vlisco very proudly announces the winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

During the last week in November, the Global Jury reviewed the creations of the 21 finalists and reached its decision on which seven contestants would be crowned winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

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