This past September, one of the 2018 Vlisco Fashion Fund winners, Francel Guezodje of ‘by Francel’, returned to Amsterdam from Benin to design and create garments for the Q4 Vlisco campaign.


Earlier this year Guezodje had followed a masterclass at Amsterdam’s famous tailoring institute ‘Meesteropleiding Coupeur’ (Master tailoring). For the latest campaign, he worked once again in this impressive surrounding. Together with Alette Noordegraaf, a couturier working for brands such as Viktor and Rolf, and Claes Iversen, Guezodje designed a stunning wedding dress, showcasing his tailoring skills. Alette remained his mentor during the development of the garment, continuing to offer skilled training. This high level of expertise and developed skillset can be applied within his business in Benin.

Most notable in this project was the detailed level of skill Guezodje has demonstrated in designing with relatively new fabric – Wax GlitterGlam on cotton satin. The fabric featured a fluid floral design which helped guide the design process. The floral prints themselves elevated the design of the gown.

The floral prints have always been a great inspiration for me. In some designs, I have therefore highlighted the flowers on the fabric with the application of 2D and 3D effects.

Francel Guezodje


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