Vlisco Colours

Where would a design be without striking colours? Colouring is an aspect of our craft that is in constant development on a conceptual, technical and artistic level. This is a key element of our fabrics as most of the colours used, are created individually and not found anywhere else. Explore our colourful secrets here.

How colour blocking changes the design

By clever colour-application, our team builds up the palette one on top of the other. With this technique, depth is added and different parts of a design can be highlighted.

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Our classic colour Indigo

Though Vlisco fabrics are known to carry all the colours of the rainbow, Indigo is our most used dye. Indigo used to be the most common and popular source of colour in West Africa for centuries.

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Colour Creation

Colouring technique is an indispensable part of Vlisco’s authentic craft. Every season, a team of designers, colour technicians- and experts, work on completely new colour cards to add to the new designs.

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Exclusive Services

Discover our exclusive online services such as our delivery options and our fabric authentication process, and reach out to us if you need further assistance.

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