Fashion Fund 2018 Congo

The Finalists


The Rebirth


In his Rebirth collection, Job Lukadi plays with the transformative effect of time and the transformative characteristics of his surroundings. He follows the journey of a caterpillar, from birth through to its transformation into a beautiful butterfly. His natural surroundings set the stage for the photo shoot. A green environment, where nature and its creatures transform and thrive.


An Oriental Story


Adrianna Talansi takes us on a journey to the Orient in a collection inspired by the Far East. The shapes in her silhouettes transcend the known lines of the body. The blissful, clean and strong forms in her garments harmoniously clash with the vibrant motifs of the Vlisco fabrics. The colours of the fabrics merge and blend with the setting of the photo shoot, transporting you somewhere far, faraway.


Lady’s Proud


This collection is inspired by the modern African woman: sophisticated, intellectual, cultured, beautiful, chic and moreover, ultra elegant. The silhouettes highlight aspects of the female body that make her strong and undeniable. Shoulders, curves and legs receive ample attention in Richie Maya’s designs. Vlisco fabrics are mixed with different materials such as lace, satin, organza and feathers.


Vlisco very proudly announces the winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

During the last week in November, the Global Jury reviewed the creations of the 21 finalists and reached its decision on which seven contestants would be crowned winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

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Fashion Fund 2018 - The Interview Rounds

By September 30, the Fashion Fund Team had received over 600 portfolios from fashion creatives based in Africa and many other places around the world. It was an enormous challenge to choose from so many great designers. The candidates who presented the most remarkable designs in the most interesting ways and who showed the most potential were invited for interview.

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