Wax printing process

It can only be Vlisco if every yard is truly unique. Uncover the craft of our age-old wax printing process that brings the perfect imperfections to our designs and authenticates every piece of Wax Hollandais and Super-Wax.

A Vlisco fabric depicting a creative designer sketching out patterns for a new fabric
1. The Designers

The creative minds behind Vlisco designs sketch out their ideas.

A Vlisco digital designer adapting the patterns digitally for printing
2. Design Support

The people who make the creative ideas of the designers technically executable.

A copper printing roller being engraved with the digital Vlisco pattern
3. The Printing Rollers

Where the design is transferred from digital information on to two copper printing rollers.

Printing rollers dipped in wax printing Vlisco patterns on both sides of a long cotton fabric
4. The Wax printing machine

Dripping in wax, the rollers transfer the design onto both sides of the cotton cloth.

A long roll of Vlisco printed cotton fabric being dipped in a bath of indigo ink for dyeing
5. Indigo bath

The wax printed cloth is dyed in indigo baths and the parts without wax become a deep, intense blue.

A Vlisco factory machine twisting the roll of cloth to remove part of the wax on the fabric
6. The Wax Breaking Machine

This machine is unique – by swinging the cloth in containers, random parts of the Wax are removed, revealing the white cloth underneath.

A long roll of Vlisco fabric is being dyed in the factory with its first colour
7. First Colour

The cloth is dryed and the first colour is printed on top of the remaining Wax.

A long roll of Vlisco fabric is being dyed in the factory with a second colour
8. Second Colour

The Wax is now completely removed. When the cloth is dry, a second colour is printed.

A long roll of printed Vlisco fabric is being washed in the factory to remove excess dyes
9. Washing

The cloth is washed to remove all extra colours.

An expert is inspecting a long roll of printed Vlisco fabric to certify its quality
10. Final by-eye inspection

As the fabric whiz passed their eyes, our highly trained experts inspect that all the fabrics are of Vlisco certified quality.

Several long packages marked for Lagos filled with Vlisco printed fabrics
11. Shipping

The fabrics are packed into bales and are ready to be shipped from Holland to Africa.

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