Right now, the 21 nominees are completing the final round of the 2018 Vlisco Fashion Fund. Each of the nominees has been given funding and fabrics to create a collection of 5 outfits to be presented to the global jury in November. The funding can be put towards creating commercial content with which to presents the outfits in a unique way.

View the nominees alongside one of their portfolio pictures below, together with and an excerpt from the jury report.


Job Lukadi

“The strong observations in everyday life form the starting point for Lukadi’s designs.”

Richie Maya

“Modern, breezy and quite voluptuous styles. An overall strong stylist and couturier.”

Adrianna Talansi

“Adriana has a strong sense for business and has already made her first marks in the fashion industry.”



“Wahouie celebrates women through his couture.”

Abdoulaziz Amara Kone

“His passion for fashion and tailoring is driven by his desire to make women even more beautiful and elegant.”

Kouame Guillaine

“An extremely creative mind, who always seeks to stand out from other designers. She is comfortable and experienced in mixing different types of fabrics and materials."


Djiedjom Hundeglah
Akouvi Danyo
Anoumou Placca


Paola Sah

“A fierce and determined young woman with a vision for her brand.”

Lionel Guezodje

“Unusual, yet feminine and glamorous creations. Expect to find the extraordinary in his designs.”

Petros Tetteh

“A talented creative with an original personality who tells tales through his fashion.”


Precious Ediase - Thamani by Yaya

“Extremely creative with so much potential.”

Karen Ayuba - Flat17Studio

“Has a head for business, and an amazing willingness to learn.”

Tayo Paramole - Tesmi

“A very articulate and distinct voice in design.”


Nana Kweku Agyenim Boateng - Governor

“New to the industry. An abundance of potential.”

Jeremiah Mensah - Jerey Mensah

“A very original candidate who surprised us with his non-conformist brand and genderless collection.”

Patricia Naa Lamley Annang - Naa Lamley Kouture

“An artistic and creative young woman with an enormous potential for growth.”


Abiola Akinsiku - From Canada

Precious Threads by Abiola: “Gorgeous clean lines and structured garments. A woman with a story who has a brand with a story.”

Anne Béatrice Bodo - From Cameroon

“Experimental, surprising and exciting designs. Outfits that vary in style but all carry the designer’s authentic handwriting.”

Marthe Sharon Ngwenolla - From Senegal

“Skilled, talented and not afraid to experiment.”


Meet the Global Jury of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

This week the Global Jury visits The Netherlands to review the results of the 21 finalists of this year’s Fashion Fund contest. We are delighted to have Bubu, Oliver and Velma involved in the very important process of selecting the 7 winners of this year’s Fashion Fund.

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Fashion Fund 2018 - The Interview Rounds

By September 30, the Fashion Fund Team had received over 600 portfolios from fashion creatives based in Africa and many other places around the world. It was an enormous challenge to choose from so many great designers. The candidates who presented the most remarkable designs in the most interesting ways and who showed the most potential were invited for interview.

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Vlisco very proudly announces the winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

During the last week in November, the Global Jury reviewed the creations of the 21 finalists and reached its decision on which seven contestants would be crowned winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

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