Zak Koné

After finishing his degree in marketing and communications, Ivorian Zak Koné realised he had to develop his talent in designing and dressmaking. Lacking the money to attend any renowned fashion schools, Zak decided to learn on the job. After taking courses and doing several internships at dressmakers in Abidjan, and finding a mentor, Zak opened his own studio and became the proud and successful founder of his own label Pelebe.


Pelebe specializes in evening- and cocktail dresses and showcases a form of African fashion, which isn’t necessarily traditional or folkloric, but exudes a new type of African glamour that could be worn around the world.


“We are particularly inspired by the women from the revolutionary 30s and 70s. Women really began to do what they wanted themselves, rather than what was expected of them. For me, strong women are chic women.”

“A woman is like a work of art to me. She must constantly do herself up, and show her most beautiful side.”, Zak says.


“At Pelebe we try to translate this into our clothes with glamour, luxury and a good dose of modernity.” For the Q3 campaign of 2018, which was all about reinventing traditions, Vlisco collaborated with Pelebe for that exact reason.


Discover how Pelebe interpreted some of Vlisco’s classics and reinvented the traditional African dress in our July lookbook.

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