During the 7th edition of the International Fashion Festival in Lomé, Fimo228, seven designers of the Vlisco Fashion Fund network were invited by Fimo-founder Jacques Logoh to showcase their collections.

The participating designers from the VFF-Network were:

• Francel Guézodjè, VFF 2018 Winner Bénin, @byfrancel
• Nina Lavoe, VFF 2017 Winner Togo, @la_nina_lanina
• Korneil Kouégan, VFF 2019 Finalist Togo @kokokorneil
• Janvier Djossou VFF 2019 Winner Togo @enero_fashion
• Reine Adokou VFF 2019 Finalist Togo, @reine_adokou.⁣
• Jean-Marie Sogbossi VFF 2019 Winner Bénin, @jeanmarie_sogbossi,
• Adriana Talansi VFF2018 Winner Congo @adrianatalansi

The quality of the astonishing collections and talent of the participants is remarkable. Vlisco is delighted to see the network of the Vlisco Fashion Fund expanding and strengthening each year.

Jean-Marie Sogbossi
Corneil Kouégan
Janvier Djossou
Reine Adokou
Nina Lavoe

See the interview with VFF-winner Janvier on France24


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