Fashion Fund 2019

Togo Nominees

Adokou Akouvi Reine – Le mariage coutumier en Vlisco

Hcrop 0010 Togadoukoudsc 4277

The five garments in this collection together represent the path to marriage. The outfits are titled 1. Confusion, with its snake lines, 2. Guardian Angel, illustrated by the wing-shaped sleeve 3. The Logical Order, two crossed arches on the right shoulder, 4. Value of the Woman, flower-shaped motifs to represent the two families who have accepted the union of their daughter and son, and 5. Whirlwind of joy, in which the young couple will embark on a new adventure.

Janvier Djossou Kodjovi – L’élégance à travers le monde végétale

Hcrop 0004 Togdjoussouderek 2

Vegetables and fruits shine in Kodjovi’s collection. The link that unites the content of the designs can be explained through the fruit trees (cocoa tree, papaya, pineapple), the vegetable (in this case, lettuce salad) and the hibiscus flower (the flower of love). All elements converge in a plant world.

Kouegan Kokou Corneil –

Hcrop 0008 Togcorneilimg 0153

Corneil’s source of inspiration is all the women around him, beginning with his own mother, and the mother of his child, whom he defines as strong, feminine, and daring. He wondered how the contest could embody his vision of these women — mixing traditional wax with modern denim, hakui, (Les nervures) and honeycomb styles worn in Togo. For the photoshoot, he took his designs to the origin of his muses.


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