Fashion Fund 2019

Ghana Nominees

Minah Korewaah Frempong – CLEARSTORY

Ghminafrempong 0000 Img 9473

The collection ‘CLEARSTORY’ examines how architecture can be expressed through fashion. The inspiration came from five vibrant Vlisco designs featuring geometric shapes, colours, grids and lines. CLEARSTORY targets working-class women who like to make bold statements through fashion. The photoshoot concept was to make the outfits stand out, hence the grey background. Some of the techniques used are draping, origami, fabric manipulation and vortex.

David Kusi Boye-Doe – Future History

Hghanaboyedoe 0003 Mg 2574

The ‘Future History Collection’ is an adaptation of the Sankofa story. A mythical Ghanaian bird keeps an eye on nostalgia, but moves boldly towards a brave new world. It is a manifestation of the Afri-CAN; the can-do spirit willing to go where no man/woman has gone before. The afro-retro elements can be worn inside and out, or re-purposed. The stairs in the photoshoot were used as a metaphor for access to the ‘future’ (ascending) and to ‘history’ (descending).

Daniel Opoku – Men theory

Hghdanielopoku 0001 Daniel Opoku 9

For this collection, Daniel Opoku asked himself: what is a man? To be a ‘man’ is to earn the title through relentless effort and commitment to investing in one’s character. After seeing the fabrics and materials with all their motifs, patterns and colours, Opuku developed a look that expressed the creation of men. His designs symbolise the very character and qualities of men, of power and the possibilities of all things. They garments appear full of confidence, dispel fear, ignite purpose and evoke elegance.


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