Fashion Fund 2019

Diaspora Nominees

Babacar Diakhate – WILDFLOWER


Babacar Diakhate took a photo of a garden in Toronto where all the plants were green except for one blossom in the middle. For this collection, he explored the fluid shapes of that delicate and resilient flower: the timeless rose. In order to create a garment that is unique, he used a specific time consuming technique called Transformational Cutting (TR cutting). It encourages sustainability in fashion since it is a slow process and cannot be produced in large numbers.

Martha Kabaso – AFROPOLITAN

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Martha Kabaso’s collection is called AFROPOLITAN, a term constructed from the name Africa and a Greek word (polits) which means citizen. Her five looks represent the traits of a strong African woman, who is a leader and not afraid of taking risks. She is outgoing and fun, loyal towards family, hardworking and a queen. One of the iconic looks is the model wearing a three-piece suit, standing in a field of corn, from which pap/nshima is made – a well-known dish in African countries.

Faourouz Sadaoutchi – AGOOJI

Hcrop 0036 Diafaourouzbj7a3112 Kopie

Faourouz Sadaoutchi dedicates her collection to African womanhood (Mother Africa). From the African market woman who tirelessly sells her goods to feed her family, to the loyal and fierce Agooji, a female army in the Kingdom of Dahomey. She researched how African women are independent in many ways. They don’t steal the man’s cake, no, they make their own cake! In her 3D structured designs are convertible, to demonstrate how flexible women are as spiritual guides, providers, protectors, anchors and so much more


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