Fashion Fund 2019

Benin Nominees

Jean-Marie Sogbossi – AGOSSOU AGOSSI

Hbeninsogbossi 0000 29

When developing the new collection, Sogbossie had many things in mind. The modern woman avant-gardist with her exuberance, drama and femininity; Vlisco’s dazzling fabrics, such as the Gallery of Poems, and even the corset of a little black dress. Mostly, though, the inspiration came from the cult of twins in Benin where twins are seen as deities. They say that the twins do not die, they go to get firewood in the forest. This collection is in memory of SOGBOSSI BOKONON-GANTA Clement AGOSSOU and his twin AGOSSI.

Jean-Eudes Adjito – GAANA POWER WOMEN

Hbeninjeaneudes 0001 Dsc 3985

Gaana (sister) is an expression used to describe a person who is close without necessarily having a blood relationship. GAANA is a collection dedicated to these sisters who support each other and educate their children together. It is inspired by Kotokoli women and honourable business women with big hearts. Pearls, once reserved for aristocracy, are used in these garments to bring out that power women personality.

Perpétue Dossouvi

Hbenindoussouvi 0000 Dsc 1014

To Dossouvi, the WAX is a social mirror: it presents motifs with everyday elements and warm colours that convey African pride and identity. She chose weddings and Vlisco as a theme. This joyous combination resulted in Dossouvi’s five elegant designs for the bride and her procession of maids of honour and guests. The personality of each of these people is revealed through the outfit she wears: the Bouquet, Joy, Adornment, Fusion and Etincelle.


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