Aso Ebi - be unique, and stand united

A introduction in the world of Aso Ebi: what it means, Aso ebi styles, dresses, etc.

Preparing for a party? Where you live, will determine your choices. In Paris or London, guests may be warned not to outshine their hosts. In Abuja, Accra or Lagos, such a warning seems to be out of place: each guest will make a serious effort to look his or her ultimate best, honouring the hosts with months of preparation. To emphasize how they relate to those that are celebrated, guests choose materials that match the garments of their hosts. Do not be surprised to find hundreds of invitees, all wearing the same fabric, each in a different way.

Welcome to one of Africa’s fast booming creative industries: the world of Aso Ebi. Visualising social ties with so much grandeur and glamour, it is almost garanteed to create a magnificent event. To realize such an amazing scenery in such a short time, dozens of people have been combining their creative energy: all the Aso ebi items need to be made using the latest materials, following the fashion of tomorrow. Imagine hundreds of garments, the latest print fabrics just in, all needing to be ready for THE Grand Event just a few days later. What would be completely impossible anywhere else in the world, can be done in Africa.


Starting from Ghana, Congo and Nigeria, this unique African tradition is known as ‘Aso Ebi’, Yoruba for ‘family cloth’. Though the Aso ebi (or ‘Asoebi’) can be used for any celebration, it is often used for kamu-festivities and African wedding dresses, giving brides a chance to be unique, yet united with those that have come to support her. The popularity of the Aso ebi has boosted the African fashion industry. Famous African designers like Toju Foyeh managed to surprise 9ja’s wedding scene with some extraordinary sets of dresses - like the ones Toju designed for actress Adesua Etomi’s traditional wedding with vocal artist Olubankole Wellington (a.k.a. ‘Banky W.’). In response, platforms like BellaNaijah Weddings have inspired their audiences with the latest Aso ebi fashion, providing a new generations a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Getting new opportunities to work for such celebrity couples, thousands of creative minds and crafty hands are gathering their forces, producing astonishing new fashion lines, using the latest fabrics.

Various Aso Ebi fashion styles

The more popular Aso Ebi becomes, the more styles develop. Hausa, Fulani, Akan (Ashanti), Yoruba and Igbo all have their own Aso ebi-styles. Hence, you may find striking differences between an aso ebi celebration in Kano, Kaduna or Katsina and one in Sokoto, Kebbi or Borno. Outside Naija, you will find designers like Stylista (Ghana) and Séraphine Nyenyezi (Congo Kinshasa) which can help you create complete Aso ebi sets. If you have seen our photo report on flamboyant Congolese weddings, you can imagine what a Congolese Aso ebi could look like. Outside Africa, couturiers like Zuhair Murad and Gahlia Fahd have been known to make exquisite dresses that will take your breath away. Combining such unique pieces of haute couture with the Aso ebi spirit, makes a recipe for success.

We admit it: dressing yourself and those you love to match and spark - it is not an easy task. If you need help with your aso ebi, you can always turn to your Asoebiconsultant or an Asoebi service. Such an Asoebilist can help you create an Aso ebi-style that best suits your needs and wishes. Whether you are looking for an affordable asoebi, wax prints that make you stand out like a queen, or a style that creates a totally hot asoebi - they will be able to help you choose appropriate colors and themes, and refer you the best designers, the best couturiers and the best suppliers - like the House of Vlisco Wax. You can order them locally, or come straight to our webshop and order the latest aso Ebi fabrics online.

Take your stage

So, are you ready to hit the cover of BellaNaij Weddings or create a celebration that will be remembered for years to come? Come have a look at our latest designs, and overwhelm your visitors with some of the finest materials that one can find. To make sure we can deliver enough materials to provide all your guests in time, it is always good to get in touch. Together, we can find the best way to get you the best wax prints - where you need them, when you need them.

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