Wedding stories

Maryam’s beautiful, busy and fantastic wedding

The happy couple

Maryam met her husband at the most unusual place: Abubakar was recovering from an accident in the hospital. Maryam’s parents being family friends, they visited and took Maryam with them. Little did she know she would be meeting the love of her life that day! Almost two years after their wedding, the happy couple is doing well and Maryam looks back on her big day with us.


Double joy

“If I were to describe my wedding day in three words, I would say it was beautiful, busy and fantastic!” Maryam says.

“My younger sister and I got married on the same day. It was a double wedding! Prior to the wedding, our elder sister organized a royal themed bridal shower for us. All our friends were there dressed up in beautiful outfits, and a glam team awaited us at the venue.”

Maryam IGH0818

Pretty in pink

“For my Kamu wedding (traditional event of the Hausa / Fulani’s), I opted for a mermaid dress, made of a pink Super-wax design. I embroidered it with lace, to make it even more unique. I knew I would be the only one wearing it at the event.”

“Pink is one of my favourite colours.”

"My bridesmaids also wore Vlisco fabrics to blend in with the look and feel of the event and to compliment my outfit.”

Maryam IGH0921

Asmau and her Golden Girls

The love

Asmau and Mohammed were childhood friends before they became each other’s soulmates. “The absolute highlight of my wedding was the feeling of marrying my best friend and the love of my life,” Asmau says when looking back on her big day.

Since their wedding, the lovebirds have become a happy family. “We have been blessed with a baby girl. It makes life even more beautiful.”


The looks

Being the CEO of her own fashion brand, Asmau made sure every event surrounding her wedding was a fashion highlight. “I made sure all my outfits were to my taste and fashion standards. I loved each and every outfit I wore.”

“On my Kamu, my bridesmaids wore a Vlisco outfit. I chose the yellow and red feathered Vlisco fabric, or the Ibo Wrapper as people call it here.”

Asmau and her Golden Girls

I always loved this design and it is very traditional. This particular one also complemented my golden outfit. All the bridesmaids were very happy to be wearing it!


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