A mesmerising image: The models of our brand campaign


Women from all ages, of different walks of life, with different stories, created new memories wearing both classic fabrics and modern styles with a touch of nostalgia.


All the models were asked to co-design their looks according to their own personalities, desires and fashion dreams. The result? A mesmerizing image: Twenty ravishing women who reinvent traditions with their personal take on Vlisco’s history and future, and their own history and future.

We asked all of them about their outfits and other highlights on set.


Folasade – 30 

“ I wanted to be part of the shoot because print is a way to unite with my African culture. Dancing barefoot on set, in the red sand of Benin’s capital Porto Novo was an absolute highlight for me. As my family is from there, it felt like I was stepping on the soil of my ancestors.”


Alexandra – 26 – Entrepreneur. CFO at @True As Nature 

“My favourite moment of the shoot was when all the women walked alongside the models in the streets of Porto Novo. It felt like we were the stylish amazons of Benin, that we were beautiful, strong, proud African women.”


Agniola – 72 – Retired United Nations staff member

“Because of my mother, Vlisco has always been a part of my life. For me, the material and the timelessness of the motifs, evokes a sense of identity.”

Agnolia is pictured with her daughter Alexandra on set.


Sarah – 30 – Financial Auditor

“Tradition revisited for me, means going back and moving forward at the same time! To be able to re-appropriate the motives conceived of the older generations and to value them and revitalize them with today’s dynamism and trends.”


Yolaine – 59 – Real estate promoter

“I see myself as a free person. Free in my thoughts, my actions, and the way I style my fabrics. For my dress I wanted a modern style that would still maintain this African authenticity. We added rhinestones that added light to the fabric.”

cuver Un fascinant tableau

Aida – 43 – Administrative assistant

“My apricot coloured, ornamented dress was full of light. In tune with my cheerful nature!” Says Ahouanmenou. Ahouanmenou jumped at the chance to be featured in Vlisco’s brand campaign. “I wanted to take part in the collective magic of the Vlisco fabrics,” she explains.


Nicole – 62 – Translator

“I joined the shoot because I love print designs of any type that stand out and attract attention. It makes me feel special and different. Shooting the campaign was hot, tiring, and I also found it difficult to walk in heels – but all worth it. Being part of the campaign is a wonderful experience.”


Farida – 22 – Student and Blogger

“My personal style and the style of my dress is simple and modest, because I believe modesty and elegance go hand in hand. “


Dior – 43 – Software Analyst Programmer

“I am an outgoing person and I love parties, galas and balls. I chose a long dress that matched this festive side of my personality.”

Dior says she became ‘contaminated’ with love for Vlisco about ten years ago. “Now I am dressed in print every day, in all kinds of styles.” Next to her job in programming, also creates contemporary children’s wear with African print.


Nchimunya – 40 – Diplomat

“The ensembles I wore during the campaign shoot were all about chic and class. Print can be worn in a classy way to classy occasions and I wanted to show that in my dresses.”

“Vlisco portrays who I am as an African woman and I love connecting to my heritage by wearing the fabric.”


Hermine – 39 – Executive secretary

“It had always been a dream for me to be on set. Especially for Vlisco – my true love! When the opportunity came to model in the campaign, I did not hesitate for a second.”


Rita – 58 – Sales Promotion Assistant

“To me, Vlisco’s fabrics promote African values, which is why I wanted to join the shoot. Vlisco designs bear stories and the prints have a personalized feel. ”


Corinne – 56 – Computer Scientist

Though one might mistake the stunning Corinne for a model, this mannequin business was completely new to her. “We were asked to pose and dance, which led to some surprising and at times hilarious moments on set. It was such a good atmosphere!”


Idiath – 35 – Account Manager

“What I liked most about the campaign shoot was that it united different types of women: Young and old. Skinny and voluptuous. All dressed in dazzling ensembles. To me, it represented all women, all consumers of the Vlisco brand.”


Josiane – 38 – Lawyer

“My Saharan outfit really reinvented a tradition. It was tribute to my mother and grandmother who always wore the fabric, but I wore it a contemporary fashion. The look showed that anyone, from a 30-year-old to a grandmother, could wear the fabric in her own way. From traditional to ultra-modern.”

Fun fact: Josiane adores wax and even hosts a Facebook page where she shares her love for Vlisco wax. “Being featured in the campaign marks my love for the brand.”













A mesmerising image

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