Vlisco announces the 7 winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018

Vlisco very proudly announces the winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018: Jeremiah Mensah from Ghana, Adriana Talansi from Congo, Omotayo Paramole from Nigeria, Anoumou Djiedjole Placca from Togo, Lionel Guezodje from Benin, Anne-Beatrice Awoundjia Bodo from Cameroon and Guillaine Kouamé from Cote D’Ivoire.

The Vlisco Fashion Fund is a global contest, established to help emerging African fashion designers get their business off the ground. The seven winners each receive funding equivalent to €5,000, plus a two-week masterclass in the Netherlands.

Over 600 applications were submitted to the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018. A meticulous review process of the applications took place, followed by interviews conducted by local jury panels in each country. Based on the interviews, three nominees per country went through to the next round. The remaining 21 nominees were then given Vlisco fabrics and a budget with which to create a collection of five outfits supported by surprising creative content within a one-month deadline.

During the last week in November, the Global Jury reviewed the creations of the 21 finalists and reached its decision on which seven contestants would be crowned winners of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

In the past three weeks, award ceremonies were held in the six countries. The creations and content of the undoubtedly nervous finalists of each country were being showcased on the runways to excited audiences. At the end of each ceremony, the winners were revealed. Read more about the winners below.


Jeremiah Mensah (27) owns the unisex fashion label JEREY MENSAH. The jury was blown away by Jeremiah’s Gladiator-inspired collection, which was detailed, impeccably executed and found to be very imaginative and original. Jeremiah’s collection and content paves the way for other fashion designers to experiment. Ghanaian runners-up were Patricia Naa Lamley Annang and Nana Kweku Agyenim-Boateng.


Omotayo Paramole (28) is a student at the creative art department (textile major) of the University of Lagos. Tayo’s label is called Tesmi. The jury was impressed by the eccentric garments of his collection. The collection and creative content revolved around a historical and traditional story, which struck the jury as interesting, captivating and engaging, as well as original and beautiful. The runners-up for Nigeria were Karen Ayuba and Precious Odiase.


Adriana Talansi (27) emerged as the winner for Congo. Her collection was inspired by Asia and her creative content was set in oriental atmospheres. The jury appreciated the meeting of the two different cultures in her garments and presentation. Adriana owns the label Talansi and is ready to make her first marks in the fashion scene. Runners-up for Congo’s Fashion Fund were Richie Maya and Job Lukadi.


Lionel Guezodje (28) was chosen as the fashion fund winner for Benin. Guezodje graduated in haute couture and styling from ESMOD Tunisia. In 2017, he founded his label “by Francel”. The jury fell for Lionel’s collection “The Contemporary Monarch of Wax”. The highly feminine collection was both glamorous and unusual at the same time. Neatly finished and full of surprising details. The creative content, set in a rusty brown surrounding, made the garments pop out. The runners-up for Benin were Petros Tetteh and Paola Sah.


Anoumou Djiedjole Placca (29) truly impressed the jury with his collection made for the final round. Anoumou Djiedjole Placca has a brand called ARISTIDE CREATION. His collection and content for the final round told the story of a king in search of the woman of his dreams. The jury was impressed by the storytelling qualities of Placca’s presentation, and the execution of the content. The runners-up were Akouvi Medarde Danyo and Djiedjom Hundeglah.


Ivory Coast

Guillaine Kouame emerged as the winner for Ivory Coast, chosen by the local jury. The jury was impressed by the eclectic mixes of materials used in her designs. Guillaine mixed Vlisco fabrics with surprising elements as feathers, paper cut-outs and fringes. The other finalists of RCI were Amara Abdoulaziz Kone and Wahouie Tea Judicael.


The global category was an extremely difficult choice with such exceptional content and garments made by the three finalists from three different countries. The Global Jury chose Anne-Beatrice Awoundjia Bodo from Cameroon as the winner for this category, because of her exceptional experimental clothes and content, inspired by tribal fashion from Cameroon.  The runners-up for the Global category were Abiola Akinsiku and Marthe Sharon Ngwe Nolla.

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