Double elegance

More than 170 years of experience in wax printing combined with a continuous commitment to innovation, translates into our new WaxWax collection. With a different design printed on each side, the WaxWax textile delivers a surprising result where the two patterns enrich each other by subtly coming through on the reverse side. This ton-sur-ton effect grants a unique finish that we heighten even more with colour overdyes in purple, pink, turquoise or lime green. This vibrant palette helps to lift the indigo base and enhance the metallic coloured embellishments. With two sides to play with, the options for your fashion creations multiply, as Nigerian designer Rukkayah Muhammed (Reedas) demonstrates with her inspiring outfits.

Vlisco WaxWax VLA2375.002


Vlisco Wax-Wax VLA2374.001


Vlisco Wax-wax VLA2373.003



But what makes our WaxWax pieces even more special and unique is the halftone, or ton-sur-ton, effect that is caused by each design subtly appearing on its reverse side. The addition of a shimmering metallic hue to one side – this season coming in gold, bronze, purple, turquoise or rose pink – elevates the elegance to another level. With two sides to play with, there are many options for your fashion creations.


If you would like to have a look up close, then click on the images below to discover our Waxwax fashion creations in full detail.


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