Waxwax Vertical

Double elegance

Our magical line-up of WaxWax includes both new and classic designs.

WaxWax fabrics are uniquely double-sided – each side with a different design, while remaining a perfect complement to its opposite side. A versatile fabric to create a look with remarkable details, you can play with the double designs on sleeves, frills, trims or any flourishes to make your garment distinctly yours.

What you see on the surface of each side is a combination of the design on top, and the different design on the underside, which appears as a subtler shade. This elegant visual effect is called half-tone, or ton-sur-ton, and is only achievable with Vlisco’s special wax process. The one-sided addition of shimmering metallics elevates this WaxWax to next-level elegance.

Discover our WaxWax fabric. Look closely, and you’ll discover its magic in the details. One fabric with different prints on each side. More beauty in every yard.


Cover yourself with high-grade crushed crystals

WaxWax now features an exquisite embellishment of finely crushed real crystals, that is exclusively available on selected pieces. One side of this double-design fabric is adorned with a final layer of diamond-sparkles that complement the rippling or angular prints underneath. Due to the quality of the gem-like crystals, these WaxWax prints shimmer softly like stardust in the shadows, then sparkle particularly brightly in the sunlight. As precious as treasure, this batch of luxury fabrics is an exclusive release. With a crystal recipe lab-engineered to remain permanently-pressed into the cloth, without fall-out and leaving traces on your skin, you can dazzle like royalty for years to come.

Vlw4047 006 Bottom S
Vlw8873 004 Bottom S
Vlw4047 003 Bottom S

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