Women's month header - I am every woman. Celebrating our story.

Celebrate Women’s Month with Vlisco

Follow along as we share the inspiring journeys of remarkable women throughout the month of March. From overcoming challenges to celebrating triumphs, every story matters.

At Vlisco, we go beyond International Women’s Day, dedicating the entire month of March to the collective power of womanhood, honouring the richness of their individual stories.

Join the conversation as we shine a spotlight on the Women of Vlisco.

I am every woman. Celebrating our story. What is your story?

Women's month Portrait - Bernadette Mudumbi wa Mulunda
Bernadette Mudumbi wa Mulunda - Product Manager Zuri LTD

My story is a symphony of boldness and resilience. Challenges transformed into opportunities, triumphs engraved and lessons embraced with gratitude.

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Women's month Portrait - Dr Anne-Marie Dem Niacadie
Dr Anne-Marie Dem Niacadie - Doctor

Being a woman and mother of a child with an intellectual disability is a fight for the dignity and well-being of these exceptional people. Love, courage, perseverance and determination are the keys to success.

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Women's month Portrait - Anny Peguizinam Assih
Anny Peguizinam Assih - President of the association JEUNESSE AU COEUR DEVELOPPEMENT TOGO (J.C.D).

Dear sisters, let’s give each other the flowers that we so rightfully deserve today and every day. Let’s acknowledge our mutual efforts at all times while we still can.

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Women's month Portrait - Cynthia Yav
Cynthia Yav - Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Director of NRC

I am a woman. I am a leader. I am a fighter, fiercely loyal. I am positive change. In my soft round edges, my mind cuts the sharpest. I firmly believe that small everyday actions create a ripple effect and all should be allowed and encouraged to contribute!

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Women's month Portrait - Anna Bolk
Anna Bolk - Vlisco Netherlands Team

Any woman should be courageous enough to follow her dreams. Anything is possible with passion, developing new skills and perseverance. And… with a relaxed attitude, while enjoying the journey.

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Women's month Portrait - Perpetual Owuo Agyemang
Perpetual Owuo Agyemang - CEO of Pabkess Enterprise (Trader)

I believe the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence….VLISCO is my choice because I believe in "QUALITY" NOT quantity.

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Women's month Portrait - Keziah Amandine Mulengeji
Keziah Amandine Mulengeji - Event Planner, Experience Designer

I am every woman who seeks to find a place among the greats of this world. I am at the service of others because I understood that this is true greatness.

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Women's month Portrait - Marie-Laure N’goran
Marie-Laure N’goran - TV journalist

In March, we call for action: Let's work towards equity. Let's build a world where equality is the norm, not the exception, where equality will no longer be a struggle, but a reality.

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Women's month Portrait - Magnim Akei
Magnim Akei - Seamstress at Han Design Togo Sewing Centre

Even if you have a handicap, you can still succeed in life.

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Women's month Portrait - Judith Mongala
Judith Mongala - Head, Government & Social Impact partnerships, Sub-Saharan Africa, Meta

As a Congolese afropolitan woman in technology, my story resonates with every woman who is focused on self-determination, self-improvement and building unity among women.

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Women's month Portrait - Fabiola Umurerwa
Fabiola Umurerwa - Vlisco trader, Belgium

Thanks to the skills I acquired working with Vlisco, I was able to expand my activities in the clothing industry in Rwanda. I founded a garment manufacturing company, which aims not only to create jobs for young people, but also to provide them with learning opportunities.

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Women's month Portrait - Hajia Hawawu Toloba
Hajia Hawawu Toloba - CEO of Uptown Collection (Retailer)

Empower your style, embrace your strength, celebrate the essence of womanhood. Feel empowered, unapologetic, and gracefully own your journey. Because every woman is a masterpiece.

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Women's month Portrait - Harmonie Hillarie Houmey
Harmonie Hillarie Houmey - Vlisco Togo Team

We - Women, Mothers, Educators, and opinion leaders -, let's transmit the same values to girls and boys so that our voices resonate everywhere for a better world.

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Women's month Portrait - Fatoumata Doro
Fatoumata Doro - Vlisco Ghana Team

There comes a sense of responsibility with being a woman, I embrace it with all the qualities I have been given at birth. I enhance it with my sense of urgency, accountability and zeal in transforming every single endeavour I embark on.

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Women's month Portrait - Miguèle Houet
Miguèle Houeto - Lawyer

Together, let's unveil the facade of those who, by day, promote women's rights with two pawns, only to retract ten by night.

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Women's month Portrait - Tracy Bibo – Tansia
Tracy Bibo – Tansia - Coordinatrice de Liaison 11.11.1

I am every woman who has been a victim of some form of violence. My story is one of resilience. The kind of resilience that can only be learned by working with other women.

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Women's month Portrait - Yawa Nina Lavoe
Yawa Nina Lavoe - Fashion Designer, winner of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2017

What you wear defines you. I celebrate women through fashion, helping them to regain confidence. Every woman deserves to feel confident, admired, and proud.

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 Women's month Portrait - Esther Zoumenou
Esther Zoumenou - Marketing consultant, Entrepreneur, Influencer

My value doesn't depend on my achievements, but on who I am. I am strong, beautiful and brave! I'm a woman of impact and I love myself just the way I am.

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Women's Month Selection

Women's month Portrait - Yassmine Sadiq
Yassmine Sadiq - Vlisco Netherlands Team

Never rely on someone, you should be able to create your own happiness to live your life the way you want it. Respect, accept and embrace the differences in people.

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Women's month Portrait - Safiatou Diallo-Dingui
Safiatou Diallo-Dingui - Fashion Influencer

I realise every year the privilege of being a woman and the essential place we have. Let us honour each other and continue to work together, so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

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Women's month Portrait - Huguette  Bokpe Gnacadja
Huguette Bokpe Gnacadja - Lawyer, Former Vlisco Benin Ambassador

A vision emerged when I was very young, revealing a mission: to empower women and girls, to restore or instill in them a sense of joy through perseverance, feminine solidarity, and resilience.

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 Women's month Portrait - Celestine Selassie Vittoe
Celestine Selassie Vittoe - Vlisco Ghana Team

My story is one of courage and perseverance. As the first female forklift driver at TSG, it is my hope that my journey underscores the urgent need for more inclusive opportunities in the male dominated industry that I find myself in.

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Women's month Portrait - Prarthana Metrani
Prarthana Metrani - Vlisco Netherlands Team

This version of me wasn’t built overnight. I persevered through inner demons, deadlocks and insecurities, while I said to myself: mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall, and whether I run, walk or have to crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.

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Women's month Portrait - Agnes Kraidy
Agnes Kraidy - Journalist, Writer

Don’t exist just for yourself. It is to embody a form of exemplarity, to become a model, a source of inspiration. Our world needs reassuring faces. Let's be those faces.

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Women's month Portrait - Maryann Boaten
Maryann Boaten - Marketing Director Vlisco Ghana Team

My journey has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the unique value each person brings to the table regardless of their background or gender. I believe small everyday actions create a ripple effect, hence I'm committed to playing my part in co-creating a future where every contribution is valued.

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Women's month Portrait - Sonia Nangbo
Sonia Nangbo - Fashion Designer, Winner of VFF 2019 Ivory Coast

A woman must also live for herself. Don't allow anything or anyone to hold your smile hostage.

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 Women's month Portrait - Prudence Agbobly-Atayi
Prudence Agbobly-Atayi - Vlisco Togo Team

The best way to bloom is to invest in oneself. The more we learn, the more we improve, and the more we succeed.

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Women's month Portrait - Cornélia Glele
Cornélia Glele - Documentary filmmaker

Ladies, you hold value. Never doubt yourselves; pursue your dreams, go for it, and above all, find fulfillment and happiness.

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 Women's month Portrait - Naa Ashorkor
Naa Ashorkor - Influencer, Actress, TV Personality

Mine is a story of unwavering determination, self-confidence, and a generous sprinkle of adventure! Through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, I've learned that every turn holds valuable lessons and hidden blessings.

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 Women's month Portrait - Edwige Sant Anna Ayayi -Atayi
Edwige Sant Anna Ayayi - Atayi - Vlisco wholesaler

Woman I am… and if sometimes I doubt myself, I know I'm resilient and inspiring, and I'm never afraid to take on new challenges. Let’s keep progressing and enjoy this special occasion.

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