Colour Creation

Colouring technique is an indispensable part of Vlisco’s authentic craft. Every season, a team of designers, colour technicians- and experts, work on completely new colour cards to add to the new designs. However, a Vlisco colour is not born overnight: The many decades of innovations and expertise from our colourists have resulted in to Vlisco’s present, but ever-developing spectrum of colours.

The Craft

Though Indigo prevails as the most important pigment, it is the inexhaustible range of exclusive colours that continue to distinguish Vlisco fabrics from others. By applying mainly traditional techniques instead of simpler novel applications, our colourists manage to create deep and highly saturated colours that are rarely found elsewhere. Chemistry and art intersect in the process of developing these non-pantone, one-of-a-kind colours.


The quality

Once developed, our colours undergo continuous testing in the colour lab. Here, they are exposed to extreme quantities of light, heat and water to ensure they don’t fade. Only those colours that withstand this rigorous testing procedure and retain their alluring intensity are printed on our fabrics.

Exclusive Services

Discover our exclusive online services such as our delivery options and our fabric authentication process, and reach out to us if you need further assistance.

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