Vlisco partners with Milan’s Palazzo Litta Cultura for exhibition AfricaAfrica

The new and innovative cultural hub for Milan, Palazzo Litta Cultura (PLC), showcases the AfricaAfrica exhibition until April 2, 2018. The exhibition explores the Now of African design and photography by looking at the contemporary design of sub-Saharan Africa, through the lens of photography, music, cinema and design.


The exhibition breaks with the stereotypes and offers a current analysis of society, a vision and awareness for the future, that represents a moment of reflection and a source of inspiration for the whole world.


Vlisco is a proud partner of this exhibition. In collaboration with PLC and Daniel Obasi, we tell the story of African design through its distinct colours and creativity, shown in selected textiles and two videos. The Afro-futuristic short film An Alien in Town by Daniel Obasi, shows the story of an alien within the Lagos metropolis. The second video is an animation of the colours and graphics of Vlisco’s textiles.

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