Daniel Obasi

Interview by: Kene Nwatu

In the light of the first Vlisco&co event in Lagos, we interviewed Art Director Daniel Obasi about his work, the concept of his afro-futuristic short film ‘An Alien in Town’ and the collaboration with Vlisco.


Together with Vlisco, Obasi created the short film, showcasing the story of a contemporary and suburb culture with an afro-futuristic twist, using the streets of Lagos as a backdrop. The story follows two stylishly clad humans who take on the responsibility of teaching a new found alien how to fit within the Lagos metropolis. Bringing fashion out to the streets. It’s vintage, retro-inspired, colourful and focuses on the energy that comes from African fashion. Click here to watch the short film and explore the work of Daniels’ creative mind!


After last year’s events in Lagos and Accra, Vlisco&co was back in Nigeria on September 27 at Art Twenty One. Vlisco&co has travelled to East Nigeria to explore Igbo culture. Together with its creative Nigerian network the ethnic group and its relation with their fabrics are deeply researched.


For this edition, fashion designers Fruche and Gozel Green designed two fashion collections. The edition also showcased a new movie by Daniel Obasi, photography by Yagazie Emezi and a new music composition by talented Dj, Ayel, all of which is founded on extensive research enhancing each other’s creativity merged with the Vlisco world.


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