Dutch Design Award for Vlisco’s Un à Un Exhibition

We are delighted that Michiel Schuurman X Vlisco have received the Communication Design Award for the Vlisco Un à Un Exhibition. The international jury selected the winners, who were announced last weekend during the Dutch Design Week.

Un à Un Exhibition: 170 Years of Vlisco Design

The Un à Un Exhibition celebrated 170 years of Vlisco history and the remarkable relationship between Helmond and Africa, between manufacturer and customer and between Vlisco designs and the stories that are told around them. The exhibition, developed by Vlisco and Michiel Schuurman, demonstrated how, over these last 170 years, art has come together with industrial manufacturing and how Helmond has come together with Africa.

In a hypnotising fusion of black and white, colour (contrasts) and patterns, Schuurman’s gigantic floorcovering Vlisco patterns took visitors on a journey: from discovering the manufacturing process to stepping into a world of lush colour.

GJvanRooij UnAUn DDA2017 0008 Layer-1

The Jury Report: “Poetic, Mesmerising and Unexpected”

We would like to share the statement from the Jury with you: ‘A majestic oeuvre exhibition staged at a time when this industry is facing challenging times. Vlisco’s history and the story behind the Helmond-based brand that is world famous in West Africa, is brought into incredible, vibrant focus. The content and presentation cannot be faulted. As a former fabric designer at Vlisco, Michiel Schuurman developed the concept, which resulted in a poetic, mesmerising and unexpected routing. Strolling through the exhibition, visitors are plunged into an explosion of hues and patterns. The numerous collaborations with other designers made the presentation at this small museum an unmissable experience – especially for a relatively modest, regional institution as Museum Helmond – that justified the enormous number of visitors.’

GJvanRooij UnAUn DDA2017 0010 Layer-11

About the Dutch Design Awards

The awards celebrate Dutch design with all its distinctive elements as well as its common grounds. Being the most prestigious institute in the field of Dutch design, DDA annually presents an overview of the best of the year. During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven the work of all finalists is presented in an exhibition.

Experience it yourself

A part of the exhibition is still on view in Vlisco’s factory outlet store in Helmond. The outlet store is open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM – 5PM.


Michiel Schuurman Vlisco: Erwin Thomasse, Teun van den Wittenboer and Zara Atelj In collaboration with: Studio Harm Rensink, Simone Post, Studio Lust Photography: G.J. van Rooij.

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