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Fabrics for African weddings

How do you want to enter the ceremony that is going to mark the rest of your life? Do you want an African wedding attire that emphasizes your pureness, that shows what life has taught you or that just sweeps your guests of their feet in a sparkle of colours? To help you and yours celebrate the love that you have found and the commitment that you share, Vlisco has developed a wide range of wax fabrics that can help you create the most amazing African wedding gowns, as well as fitting African wedding attires for the groom, guests, groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Aso ebi: be unique, yet united

Many African wedding traditions allow the bride to be the unique centrepiece of the ceremony, whilst at the same time being visibly connected to those that have helped her become who she is today. Using the same fabric prints in their traditional wedding attires as the ones she has chosen for her African wedding dress, her guests are showing their support on the journey that lies ahead. The same applies to the groom, who may well choose a wedding attire that suits that of his wife-to-be. In turn, his choice of cloth may be recognised in the wedding attires of his groomsmen and guests. In Nigeria, this African wedding fashion is known as ‘Aso Ebi’, Yoruba for ‘family cloth’.

If you are into the Aso Ebi wedding culture, you are not just choosing a wax wedding fabric that suits you - you are defining the wedding attire for bridesmaids, guests and family members. Whether you are preparing for a henna party, a traditional white wedding or a customary marriage: this is your time to make a statement that no one will forget. Congolese brides traditionally use a wax fabric that expresses their mother’s legacy, emphasising the values she taught them. Brides like Maryam and Asmau and Asmau seized the moment to express what they had dreamt of for years: Maryam appeared on her Kamu wedding in a pink mermaid dress with a sextet of bridesmaids dressed in matching colours, Asmau married her best friend in a dress made of gold, lavishing her entourage in peacock feathers.

African wedding dress fabrics

In collaborating with Vlisco, famous African wedding designers like Toju Foyeh (Nigeria), Stylista (Ghana) and Séraphine Nyenyezi (Congo Kinshasa) have been designing amazing African bridal gowns, impressive wedding attires for the broom and regal dresses for their mothers. Apart from Super Wax, many wedding couturiers nowadays use WaxWax as well. Its unique elegant halftone visual effect gives this wax fabric the distinctive effect that you can only achieve with Vlisco’s special wax process. Embellished in shimmering metallic highlights like gold or silver on one side, the WaxWax offers the sophisticated flair that you want for a day you will never forget.

Do you want to find inspiration for your African wedding attire? Partnering with Glam Africa,  photographer Baudouin Mouanda and a range of African wedding fashion designers, we created a number of African wedding dresses for Glam’s Bridal Issue, ‘the unforgettable bride’. You can also check out the wedding stories of Maryam and Asmau, or take a look at some flamboyant weddings in the DRC. Please don’t forget to send us pictures of your own creations, so that we can continue to inspire others!