Francesca Franceschi

Francesca grew up in Rome and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Working at Vlisco has been a flourishing experience for Francesca, who is passionate about three things: her work, flowers and botanicals.

“You’d think it could be limiting, but there are so many different shapes of flowers. They are simple and beautiful, layered and very feminine, bold and colourful and sometimes even a little crazy.”


What Francesca designs, depends on the moment: “One day you’ll prepare a complicated 3-course meal for friends and another time you make soup and bread for yourself. Both can be exquisite. It works like that with design too; sometimes you have a more layered design and sometimes it’s more simple.”


For our 170-year anniversary, Francesca created the celebratory design depicting the Vlisco factory in a magical African atmosphere. Discover the process of her design here:





Vlisco Factory 170 Years


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