Cor van den Boogaard

Meet Cor, who has been a Vlisco designer for over 40 years and is the mind behind many of Vlisco’s iconic designs.


Despite having worked in the same environment for decades, Cor says each day at the office is different for him: “Whatever happens at the beginning of the day, is total surprise to me. I put down a piece of paper, I don’t plan anything and I just start drawing.”


“If I don’t know what to draw, I look out of the window in front of my desk. Daydreams and moods always tell me what to do.”


Cor’s designs are not easily categorized. He draws whatever comes to mind, which can be anything: floral, abstract, geometric or figurative.

“However, I do believe that every Vlisco design should have a mysterious and exotic element to it. Something you can question and interpret in a completely different way than I ever intended.”


Fun fact: Cor still is (and always will be!) the only designer in our department who exclusively draws with pencil and paper, and does not use any tech while creating his designs!

Love Bomb






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