Wax Wax

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Wax Wax

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Vlisco is thrilled to present a bold new innovation in fabric: WaxWax. WaxWax designs are created with two distinctive drawings on each side of the fabric. Look closely, and you’ll discover its magic in the details.

What you see on the surface of each side is actually a combination of the drawing on top, and the drawing on the underside, which comes through as a subtler shade. This elegant visual effect is called half-tone, or ton-sur-ton, and this is only achievable with Vlisco’s special wax process.

The first collection features timeless classic designs that are combined into fresh new designs. The fabrics use a deep, rich indigo – in tribute to the colour of our earliest wax fabrics. With one side embellished in shimmering metallic highlights, WaxWax has all the sophisticated flair you need for a special celebration.

Vlisco WaxWax is both new and classic, taking an innovative approach to the unique heritage of Dutch Wax. What this means for fashion – is the best of both worlds! With two different-yet-perfectly-matching sides in one fabric, just imagine the fashion possibilities.

WaxWax is specially available for a short time, only at Vlisco boutiques and online at shop.vlisco.com