Uni Colours

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Uni Colours

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Uni Colours fabrics, bathing in satin luxury

Vlisco’s uni colour fabrics come in single colours and have a luxurious touch on the skin. With their double all-over effects, shine and matte, these fabric compliment any fabric combination. Use them as a pure unicolour, as background to an African wax fabric or as a part of a compilation of fabrics.

One colour, endless uses

Once you start thinking of unicolour fabrics, you will find yourself with so many uses to choose from. Are you going for a dichromatic look, like the dramatic dress Miriam Makeba wore when performing her unforgettable Click Song-performance at the Rumble in the Jungle? Or will you please your audience with a subtle play of light, zooming in to a level that reveals the underlying weave structure of the cloth - perhaps like Onyeka Onwenu’s famous satin ruby dress, hemmed with a matching lace, or Oumou Sangaré’s timeless white dress at the Portugese Festival das Musicas do Mundo, back in 2007?

Dobby shine

Apart from their luxurious satin shine finish, a number of our unicolour fabrics come as dobby fabrics. These are characterised by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the cloth. The shiny satin finish of our unicolour fabrics highlight the pattern of the weave, giving you just that extra depth and structure.

Sharing inspiration

If you need further ideas on how to use these unicolour fabrics, you can take a look at our inspirational lookbook. Have you decided which piece from our collection you will be using? We are looking forward to see your end result! Please let us know what you did with it, and use your creation to inspire others.