Vlisco’s Signature Handwriting

Vlisco designs aim to be as versatile, colourful and expressive as the women who wear them. Our fabrics depict spirited shapes in highly saturated colours, and are characterized by their storytelling qualities. From geometric to floral, to iconic items and illusionary visuals; all sorts of shapes can be seen on Vlisco fabrics.

The magic of Vlisco’s signature handwriting is an interplay of many factors. Our design team consists of talented creatives who differ in background, age and fascinations, and have diverse sources of inspiration for their designs. Though none is like the other, all share an intrinsic desire to connect to the elegant and expressive African women who wear Wax Hollandais. Like those women, our designs encompass tradition and nostalgia as well as innovative and renewing imagery: They pay homage to heritage, whilst moving with the times.

Our unique production process leaves a subtle but recognizable mark on our designs. Vein-like crackles and lively bubbles in the designs are remnants of our wax-printing process, authenticating every printed yard of Vlisco, as these lively inconsistencies are impossible to copy.

Though so much can be told about the ingredients of a Vlisco design, the designs are partly defined by their indefinability, their magical elements that cannot be put in to words, but can only be experienced.

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