Vlisco&co launches in Accra

Vlisco&co, a new initiative that took place in Nigeria and Accra, aims to deliver truly unique events to blaze new trails and embrace Africa’s creative future. The new initiative explores how the modern generation perceives Vlisco, what our brand means to young people, and what it can bring back to Vlisco. The Vlisco creative team and the local creative scene participated together in a collaborative process, presenting new ideas from Holland and Africa.

The event was organized by Vlisco and Nsimba Valene at the Untamed Empire. Alongside Vlisco Director David Suddens and our Creative Director Zara Atelj, other guests of honor were present including award-winning fashion designer and blogger Afua Rida, Fashion Forum Ghana Director Makeba Boateng, actress Maame Adjei from the series "A City of Africa", and Ruth Quashi, Miss Universe Ghana. Warmly welcomed by Anita Erskine, the local audience was made up of young fashion enthusiasts, all very well dressed, and formed a creative network full of inspiration that charmed us with its freshness. After the Ghanaian media queen shared her enthusiasm for the new Vlisco&co initiative, singer Adina Thembi won over the audience with a dazzling show. Chris Kata, a well-known television personality, then took over to present the rest of the program, galvanizing his audience with his grace and his finesse of spirit for the rest of this magical evening.

Fashion designers Ushie and House of Paon presented their new collections. Their approach, which consists of juxtaposing Vlisco fabrics with various fabrics with different properties, pleasantly surprised the eyes. Their striking interpretation of classic and modern Vlisco patterns clearly resonated with the young and stylish audience attending the event.

The beauty of the creations was based on great attention to detail. The designs of the different patterns were perfectly aligned with the shapes of the creations, a harmony that allowed the designers to present absolutely remarkable outfits. Fabrics were often complemented with unexpected contrasting elements, such as ruffles, velvet, lace and embroidery. Many creations included details studied to exacerbate and underline a new facet of the powerful feminine silhouette. Think peplum cuts, ruched effects, square shoulder pads, to name a few examples. To add the final touch and highlight the outfits, the creations of the collection were skilfully accessorized with the audacious jewels of the famous designer Kelvin Vincent.

Although this exciting initiative has so far only taken place in Accra and Lagos, we are only at the beginning of the Vlisco&co story and several events will soon be organized to include other countries.

PaonVliscoANDCoAccra LookbookPreview UshieVliscoANDCoAccra LookbookPreview

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