A flamboyant wedding in the DRC

The months of June, July and August are dedicated to wedding celebrations in the DRC, and no proper wedding can take place without Vlisco.

Super-Wax, our top product, is one of the essential features of Congolese wedding arrangements. It is also worn by the bride, by the mothers of the bride and groom, and increasingly by grooms, thereby letting them stand out during this special celebration.

To inspire you in creating this season’s most beautiful designs, Vlisco has decided to work in partnership with local, world-renowned fashion designers Ms. Fifi Bashala, Ms. Marie José Bilonda, Ms. Fanny Mandina, Mme. Séraphine Nyenyezi, Ms. Véronique Lumanu and the talented photographer Baudouin Mouanda from Brazzaville to highlight the beauty of our fabric and the limitless ingenuity of our fashion designers.

For this season, Vlisco is launching two new patterns to go with classic designs, such as: Village Molokai, Ascaris and Kanga Lopango, in order to bring generations together, and also to showcase the invaluable contribution which Vlisco makes to Congolese weddings.

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The Couple 1

1. The Couple

Perfectly traditional, Vlisco fabric is still the unrivalled garment for customary marriage celebrations.
The Couple 2
Mothers and Daughters 1

2. Mothers and Daughters

The daughter continues the mother’s legacy, with all of the precious values which Vlisco fabric conveys.
Mothers and Daughters 2
Guests 1

3. Guests

Family members dress up and join the bride and groom for a perfect day of celebration.
Guests 2

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