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Mint fabrics, offering a calm fresh breeze in crowded times

Are you looking for a calm, refreshing and inviting colour that can be easily be combined with other shades? You may want to consider using a mint fabric. Its soothing character allows you to create a base for additions that either reinforce feelings of tranquility, or create contrasts that make deep colours like orange or red step out like a flowering hibiscus against a blue sky.

Happy times

Do you recall the pale green-blue that used to dominate the Western design industry in the 1950s? Featuring on a range of items like freezers, dresses and cabrio’s, the colour mint became the icon of an entire decade, a period of reconstruction after times of distress. Associated with the shade of the ocean and swimming pools, mint fabrics still refer to times when people are happy - times to relax, to swim and enjoy the sun. Its innocent connotation, has always made mint fabrics a popular material for clothes and toys for children.

Helping many of us to balance our emotions, mint blue fabrics can be particularly calming, whereas mint green fabrics tend to uplift and refresh. Using them in combination with a crisp white, you may emphasize the traditional qualities of these mint fabrics. Pairing them with brights reds, obnoxious oranges or the rich threads of our golden embellished Super-Wax fabrics, you can use mint backgrounds to make such contrasting colours step out.

Vlisco has been doing this for you, developing a range of mint fabrics for any occasion. Whether you are looking for floral mint fabrics, geometric mint prints or a classic like ‘the Fan’, you will find it in our online shop.