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Fabric traders

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Ivorian Fabric Traders : the connoisseurs of Wax Hollandais

Wax Hollandais is moved by the power and brilliance of Vlisco fabric traders. Vlisco honours the Ivorians whose respected position and entrepreneurial wisdom is often passed down from mother to daughter. These traders are not only the purveyors of Wax Hollandais, they are the indispensable backbone of African commerce.

It is through the Wax Hollandais traders of the Ivory Coast, with their entrepreneurship, good taste, and discerning eye for quality, that Vlisco fabrics have reached the wardrobes and hearts of Ivorian women. To honour their contributions to a culture of beauty that shines so vibrantly across the African continent, we present this portrait series. Collaborating with Ivorian designer Eloi Sessou, we bring you their stories, their bustling shops, and fashion looks using six of Vlisco’s vivacious designs in an array of playful colour prints.