• Record, Target, Nsu Bura
Record Record, Disque
Also known as: Record, Disque, Target, Nsu Bura

This drawing first appeared on the market in the 1960s and goes by many names, such as “Plaque-Plaque”, “Target”, and “Nsu Bura”, which means ‘water well’ in Ghana. When you throw a stone in a water well, you can see a ripple effect. The message is that whatever you do, good or bad, it will have an effect on everyone around you. Other names include “Consulaire”, “Gbédjégan” (which is a traditional straw king’s hat in Togo), and “Gbedze”, a hat worn during daily activities to protect the wearer from the sun. In Nigeria, the design is known as Record, thanks to the circular shape of the motif, which reminds many consumers and traders of old vinyl records.

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