Unique Nature

Season: Q2/2018

Photographer: Tim Verhallen

The new collection

With our new collection of nature-inspired designs, you’ll be well on your way to creating an outfit as unique as yourself. So, whether you’re off to a lavish wedding or a modestly attired Ramadan gathering, let Unique Nature be the perfect springboard from which to reveal your personal style… in style.

And don’t forget – with occasions such as Mother’s Day, Ramadan and Weddings – the season is also all about giving. So why not help bring more unique beauty to the world by sharing our fabrics – after all it would a shame to keep them all to yourself.


About our photoshoot

In the new campaign you step into a world of Vlisco’s imagination. The Unique Naturals collection takes an up-close look at nature, so our textile designers zoomed into their own original drawings to create eye-popping scenes for the campaign photography.

On form

Mother Nature never creates two things in the exact same form – that’s what makes her world so intriguing, so beautiful. Which is why we turned to her for inspiration when creating this season’s collection. As the name suggests, Unique Nature celebrates what is special and different in all of us: our one-of-a-kind beauty. And as the bubbling wax makes every inch of Vlisco’s Wax fabric like no other, it’s a true fashion match. The collection comprises rich and refined designs – from the familiar to the pleasantly surprising – that will help you set your fashion imagination free.













On colour

A bright, seasonal colour palette echoes the spirit of the season’s festivities. Two nature-inspired hues make their debut: the bright yet balancing Pacific Blue recalls calm tides on a sunny day, while Pink Flame warms the heart with playful feminine charm.

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