Regina Honu

Regina Agyare is the founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions, a software development powerhouse and social enterprise. Recently, she opened the Soronko Academy in Accra, the first coding and human-centred design school for children and young adults.


Besides being chosen as our brand ambassador in 2016, Regina’s achievements have been recognised by the likes of the BBC, CNN and Coca-Cola, when she was listed as one of the 100 most inspirational and innovative women by the BBC, featured as one of 12 inspirational women in Science, Tech and Engineering by CNN, and was one of the Coca-Cola Young Achievers in 2017.


She was chosen as the 2016 Vlisco Ambassador for Ghana in recognition of the courage she embodied as she fearlessly achieved her dreams, despite the obstacles of operating in a male-dominated field and the burden of fighting against social stigmas. By expressing her individuality and daring to be boldly different, she is truly an inspiration and a fitting Vlisco Ambassador!

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