Ellen Maama Hagan

Dr Ellen Hagan is the multi-award-winning founder and CEO of Human Resource organisation L’AINÉ Services Ltd. (L’AINÉ is French for first-born or eldest) and former Vlisco Ambassador for Ghana (2013). Her organisation is now Ghana’s leading human resource company and takes up the role of employer for about 3,000 members of staff.


What started as a modest dream has now become reality, bigger than she expected. Ellen’s human resource organisation has been operating for almost 25 years, has opened several branches, and Ellen is proud to share that she has found jobs for over 19,000 people.


Ellen is also the co-founder of the Legacy Girls College, currently the only all-girls private school in Ghana, situated in Akuse. Dr Ellen Hagan wouldn’t write her success story without mentioning the young people she has mentored over the years. In her opinion, “the youth needs fruitful interaction with the elderly, who can simultaneously act as their mentors and who will be there to guide them on the right path to elicit the expected results.”

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