Wax-based batik techniques create the unique styles of Super-Wax designs, which exude African pride and status.


Super-Wax designs are printed on both sides of the fabric and made of an extra densely woven, luxurious cotton. Its recognisable design signature is different from Wax Hollandais as it always features a two-coloured and unique, vein-like crackling effect. A third colour can be added to the design but without this crackling effect.


These crackling effects are a result of the special wax printing technique, used to create the design image on the cotton cloth. The process of a Super-Wax fabric is comparable to the one for Wax Hollandais but some extra steps needs to be taken. A Super-Wax fabric passes 27 steps on average before it’s finalised. Learn more about the Vlisco wax printing technique.

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