Silver Limited editions

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Silver Limited editions

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Silver fabrics, reflections of a bright moonlight

Have you seen our silver fabrics? As silver is a colour that is so often associated with the moon, peace, purity and joy, we had no choice but to incorporate some silver lining into some of our best wax fabrics. In fashion, you can hardly go wrong with silver embellishments, as they match and support almost any other colour. Adding just that little spark, can make the difference between a plain piece of clothing, or one that enchants everyone who gets to see it.

Silver embellished wax fabrics

Inspired by Javanese Batik fabrics, Vlisco has been producing over a thousand wax fabrics, and even a few silk scarves, using similar printing techniques. Being popularized by ‘Mama Benz’, the West African market women naming and marketing these wax fabrics, they are commonly referred to as ‘African wax’ or ‘African prints’.

Limited editions

Amongst these wax fabrics, you will find a number of silver embellished Super Waxes, all limited editions. You will find gentle flowers on a harmonious grid, playful waves and curves surrounding chains of diamonds and even a silver embellished WaxWax that shows you different prints on each side of the fabric.

So, are you ready for a silver fabric that will mesmerise your audience? Come check our collection at the shop, or take a look at our inspirational lookbook. When you have finished your fashion project, please let us know what you did with it. Use your creation to inspire others.