Og Okonkwo

A love statement
Buttoned-up class
Feminine tuxedo

Og Okonkwo graduated as a laboratory scientist in Nigeria. But soon after graduation, Og’s past of growing up with extremely creative and stylish women, caught up with her. Inspired by these women and her keen eye for design and elegance, Og traded her lab coat for a designer one.


In 2012, Og founded Style Temple, which is now one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Abuja.


“Style Temple designs clothing that balances between femininity and strength, and between structure and softness,” says Og, whose ambitions for Style Temple are expanding each year.

“We make clothing for women who are strong. Who know themselves. Women who want to make a lasting impression.”


Changing the Game

“I want Style Temple to transcend the borders of Nigeria, and eventually of Africa. A brand that appeals globally and speaks to everyone: From America to Asia.”


“I think fashion is a tool to change a narrative, and change the narrative of Africa on the global stage. With my fashion, I hope I can be a voice in that new narrative, that shows our rich culture, strong people and emerging economy to the world.”

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