Our classic colour Indigo

Jumping Horse






Though Vlisco fabrics are known to carry all the colours of the rainbow, Indigo is our most used dye.


Indigo used to be the most common and popular source of colour in West Africa for centuries. Often being referred to as ‘blue gold’ for its high commodity value, West African women who were renowned Indigo dyers and traders became wealthy and highly influential in the African- and international textile market.


By applying the monumental dye in Vlisco designs, we connect with the cultural and historical value of the dye. Also, because of indigo, our Wax fabrics gain their signature blue haze, fine crackling and tender feel.


Once a design is engraved, the fabric goes on a 22-kilometre journey through our factory and is thoroughly bathed in indigo ink for over two hours. This is a key part of our colour ritual as it ensures the fabric retains the deep blue hue of indigo. Every layer of subsequent colour is meticulously applied to guarantee our fabrics are still vibrant even after washing.


Indigo remains the key colour in Vlisco Wax Hollandais and Super-Wax products, but it is the combination of bright colours and intricate patterns, which have become so popular today.

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