Creative Minds

We often get the opportunity to collaborate with talented people from various professions, who have the gift of sparking our imagination with inventive ideas and unexpected input. From photographers to designers, editors and storytellers: Meet the creative minds Vlisco collaborated with.




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Deciding that predictability and structure were too boring for her life, Hudayya followed her passion for entrepreneurship when she ventured into the fashion industry in 2012. Her company was birthed in Abuja, and has grown and excelled year after year, transforming into a leading brand of West African fashion.

Ibrahim Fernandez

Ibrahim Fernandez is an African fashion designer. With his fingers, his imagination and a good dose of creativity, Ibrahim Fernandez first began his career reviving old clothes.


The young painter from Oyibi, whose real name is Moses Agoe, is known for his beautifully hand painted movie posters, which he sells in Ghana as well as to international galleries and collectors.


Only one year after it was founded, Lumière won the Emerging Designer of the Year Glitz Style Award. Based in Ghana, this luxury ready-to-wear plus made-to-measure brand was created in 2014 and is directed by Bertha Logan-Owusu.

Daniel Anum Jasper

One of Ghana’s most internationally acclaimed artists, D.A. Jasper started his career as a sign designer in the late ‘80s. Before long, he would become an eminent local figure in movie poster painting.


Ebenezer Mensah is the artist behind the pseudonym Farkira. Originally a sign writer, he is also well known in Ghana for his portrait paintings of celebrities

Heavy Jearus

Jeaurs Oka Afutu – artistically known as Heavy Jearus or Heavy J – started painting movie posters at the age of 14. He continued to do so throughout the ‘90s, before turning his attention to the Western collectors’ market as the Ghanaian cinema industry changed.

Ezekiel Yartel

“Determined to make a mark on every woman’s heart with creativity”, as he puts it, fashion designer Ezekiel Yartel is a red carpet favourite among a number of top African celebrities.

Sadia Sanusi

Being the fourth generation of fashion designers in her family, Sadia learnt the profession from her mother at a studio in the suburbs of Accra. She started her own bespoken tailoring house in 2012, at the tender age of 19.


Opting out from a banking career to pursue her fashion dream, Rukkayah founded the house of Reedas in Abuja in 2007. Soon, the label became the go-to place for the high society of northern Nigeria


Lagos-based Papa Oyeyemi is a designer that doesn't follow trends but, perhaps unconsciously, paves the way for others.   "My designs are general. I don't believe in gender or race, or categorizations like that. I believe we are human-forced, so I design for humans."   Winter-spring-summer-fall collections? Those are not to be found in his [...]

Og Okonkwo

Og Okonkwo graduated as a laboratory scientist in Nigeria. But soon after graduation, Og’s past of growing up with extremely creative and stylish women, caught up with her.

Zak Koné

Pelebe specializes in evening- and cocktail dresses and showcases a form of African fashion, which isn’t necessarily traditional or folkloric, but exudes a new type of African glamour that could be worn around the world.

Lisa Folawiyo

Despite several moments of doubt, Lisa Folawiyo chose fearlessness and left her job as a lawyer to pursue a career in fashion.

Shade Affogbolo

Together with her mother, the Dakar-born, Paris-based Shade Affogbolo, founded Nash Prints.

Mehdi Sefrioui

Mehdi is a fashion photographer from Morocco, who is based in Paris. Through documenting his hikes and travels, Mehdi discovered his love for photography 7 years ago.

Trevor Stuurman

Trevor is multi-talented; he is a stylist, blogger, art director and photographer. A well-known name in South Africa’s fashion industry, especially when ELLE named him ELLE’s Style Reporter in 2012.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

After studying finance and business in the UK, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi changed her path and became a fashion designer in Nigeria. However, this did not happen over night.

Araba Stephens Akompi

After a career in the corporate sector in the US, Araba Stephens Akompi decided set up her celebrated Stylista label in 2011 – and never looked back since.

Anna-Alix Koffi

Anna-Alix Koffi was born in Abidjan and raised in Paris. She is the founder, creative director and editor in chief of OFF THE WALL and SOMETHING WE AFRICANS GOT.

Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is not your every-day woman, being a multi-faceted curator, creator and head of a successful creative agency.

Fatima Togbe

The Beninese-Nigerian Fatima Togbe is the founder of the first Muslima magazine. Though “Hayati” is only founded five years ago, the popular magazine already has one million subscribers.

Namsa Leuba

Namsa works across the documentary, fashion and performance genres, creating visual imagery that explores the signs and symbols of African cultural heritage; from rituals and ceremonies to statuettes and masquerades.

Eloi Sessou

Eloi Sessou is a proud Ivorian in the midst of an exciting movement in modern African fashion.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Ejiro is the proud owner of one of Nigeria’s hottest fashion brands — but she’s not stopping there.

Dauvia Nijenhuis

Self-taught fashion designer Dauvia began to wear her own creations only a couple of years ago and is now the proud owner of her own fashion brand.

Elie Kuame

The body shape of women and the way they act and move inspire the Ivorian-Lebanese designer Elie Kuame to his creations.

Loza Maleombho

Fashion designer Loza Maléombho, born in Brasil and raised in Ivory Coast and Washington DC, has travelled the world but feels most creative in Ivory Coast.