Creative Minds

We often get the opportunity to collaborate with talented people from various professions, who have the gift of sparking our imagination with inventive ideas and unexpected input. From photographers to designers, editors and storytellers: Meet the creative minds Vlisco collaborated with.




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Daniel Obasi

In the light of the first Vlisco&co event in Lagos, we interviewed Art Director Daniel Obasi about his work, the concept of his afro-futuristic short film ‘An Alien in Town’ and the collaboration with Vlisco.

Tokyo James

Watch the interview with Fashion Designer Tokyo James, and learn more about his take on modern-day fashion, being a designer, the Vlisco&co initiative and the collaboration with Vlisco for the Vlisco&co event Lagos.

Abiola Olusola

We interviewed Fashion Designer Abiola Olusola about her brand, working with Vlisco fabrics and the collaboration for the Vlisco&co event Lagos.

Karo Akpokiere

According to Karo Akpokiere, the renowned Nigerian illustrator, the African aesthetic can be seen differently. That’s why for his collaboration with Vlisco for the Vlisco&co Lagos event, he focused on deconstructing Vlisco patterns and storytelling through these patterns. Watch the interview with him here.

Malaika Toyo

Watch the interview with Malaika Toyo to understand why she believes the collaboration between young African creatives and Vlisco for the Vlisco&co Lagos event contributes to the understanding of what Africa is about.

House of Paòn

Modern, wild and free is how fashion designer of House of Paòn would describe the collection he showcased during the Vlisco&co event in Ghana. Watch the interview now and discover his inspiration for the collection and his creative fashion inspiration.


Talented fashion designer Ushie, the founder of the eponymous brand, created a powerful and royal collection with Vlisco fabrics for the Vlisco&co event in Ghana. Watch the video to discover how working with Vlisco fabrics unlocked his creativity.

Kelvin Vincent

Fashion Stylist and Accessory Designer Kelvin Vincent came out of his shell for the first Vlisco&co event in Ghana. He created bold, handmade jewellery for the fashion show that showcased fashion designers Ushie and House of Paon’s collections. Watch the interview to find out what inspired him to make these pieces of jewellery.

Lisa Folawiyo

Despite several moments of doubt, Lisa Folawiyo chose fearlessness and left her job as a lawyer to pursue a career in fashion.

Shade Affogbolo

Together with her mother, the Dakar-born, Paris-based Shade Affogbolo, founded Nash Prints.

Mehdi Sefrioui

Mehdi is a fashion photographer from Morocco, who is based in Paris. Through documenting his hikes and travels, Mehdi discovered his love for photography 7 years ago.

Trevor Stuurman

Trevor is multi-talented; he is a stylist, blogger, art director and photographer. A well-known name in South Africa’s fashion industry, especially when ELLE named him ELLE’s Style Reporter in 2012.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

After studying finance and business in the UK, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi changed her path and became a fashion designer in Nigeria. However, this did not happen over night.

Christel van Calsteren

Growing up, fashion designer Christel was taught by her aunt how to weave, sew, spin and stich. During these lessons, she made doll garments of Vlisco fabrics, as her aunt lived near the Vlisco factory and had many fabrics at home.

Araba Stephens Akompi

After a career in the corporate sector in the US, Araba Stephens Akompi decided set up her celebrated Stylista label in 2011 – and never looked back since.

Anna-Alix Koffi

Anna-Alix Koffi was born in Abidjan and raised in Paris. She is the founder, creative director and editor in chief of OFF THE WALL and SOMETHING WE AFRICANS GOT.

Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is not your every-day woman, being a multi-faceted curator, creator and head of a successful creative agency.

Fatima Togbe

The Beninese-Nigerian Fatima Togbe is the founder of the first Muslima magazine. Though “Hayati” is only founded five years ago, the popular magazine already has one million subscribers.

Namsa Leuba

Namsa works across the documentary, fashion and performance genres, creating visual imagery that explores the signs and symbols of African cultural heritage; from rituals and ceremonies to statuettes and masquerades.

Janneke van Lieshout

With everything Dutch designer Janneke van Lieshout creates, there’s a combination of expressive imagination as well as clever thinking. Under her fashionable alter ego Janice Caro, Janneke has designed and created for several fashion brands.

Eloi Sessou

Eloi Sessou is a proud Ivorian in the midst of an exciting movement in modern African fashion.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Ejiro is the proud owner of one of Nigeria’s hottest fashion brands — but she’s not stopping there.

Dauvia Nijenhuis

Self-taught fashion designer Dauvia began to wear her own creations only a couple of years ago and is now the proud owner of her own fashion brand.

Elie Kuame

The body shape of women and the way they act and move inspire the Ivorian-Lebanese designer Elie Kuame to his creations.

Loza Maleombho

Fashion designer Loza Maléombho, born in Brasil and raised in Ivory Coast and Washington DC, has travelled the world but feels most creative in Ivory Coast.

Rianne Mertens

During her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Rianne paid a visit to the Vlisco factories in Helmond with her class. Whilst visiting, Rianne fell in love with the colourful fabrics and secretly dreamt to collaborate with Vlisco one day.

Irene Heldens

For fashion designer Irene Heldens, life demands to be enjoyed in full, vibrant colour.