Wax Fantastique

Season: S1/2019

Designer: Ibrahim Fernandez

The world of wax is a bottomless well that dives deep down into the history of time, and is entangled with tradition, heritage, culture and identity. It is a pool of skill and knowledge, ever so gloriously beautiful and rich.

This season Vlisco takes you on a journey through the fantastic world of wax, featuring highly intricate designs that were conceived while looking at the expert craft of batik, as well as our own Vlisco archive. This collection features ornate florals, traditional motifs, jewels, shells, money, complex geometries, moirés and undulating patterns. Highly intricate with vivid origins and multiple layers of enigmatic details to keep on discovering.

Wax Fantastique Fabric VLW1191.003


Fabric Wax Fantastique VLS3912.001


Fabric Wax Fantastique VLS3071.004


Wax Hollandais VLW5401.002


Wax Fantastique VLW4929.002



Vlisco designs have long been worn by women, it is both a time-honoured tradition as well as a fashion statement. A woman transforms the designs with how she wears it, her choice of style or silhouette. Women broadcast a message with what they wear and use it as a medium for the expression of their identity and beauty.

Wax is deeply seeded within the heritage of many women, entangled with their lives and embraced by them as they use the fabrics to weave their own stories. These stories are beautiful and evocative, like complex tapestries. Wax is all over, as it peppers the lives of women. It flows outside of their bodies, covering surroundings.


The looks in this shoot are created by the Ivorian Ibrahim Fernandez and shot
on the streets and at Hotel Etoile du Sud Bassam in Ivory Coast.


“This collection was inspired by the strong women in life and the ones I got the chance and opportunity to work with over the years. These designs can adapt to their ambitious, powerful, and confident lifestyle. With this collection I wanted to show that a successful and empowered woman can also keep her femininity.”

-Ibrahim Fernandez, about the collection


Black Sepic

This season, we will launch selected designs in Black Sepic. Inspired by old batiks, the Black Sepic transforms our monumental indigo into a deep and ultra rich black. For the first time, pastel colours are used together with the Black Sepic, a contrast that complements the deep blacks to create softer multi-coloured looks.


Designer: Ibrahim Fernandez
Model: Awa Sanoko
Photographer: Matthew Miziolek
Stylist jewelry: Chyba jewelry
Make-up: Renee Balou
Hair: Dieudonne Senato
Videographer including edit: Daniel Attoh by Accra Studio’s
Retouche images: Deeptone
Locations: streets and Hotel Etoile du Sud Bassam

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