Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Kareem

Season: S2/2019

Ramadan is coming. A season of community building and joy. We find this season beautiful in its powerful expression of togetherness. For this Vlisco campaign, we feature the moment of lftar – the breaking of the fast – because it is a
time to come together in celebration.

Celebrating Togetherness


Ramadan is coming. A season of community building and joy. We find this season beautiful in its powerful expression of togetherness. For this Vlisco campaign, we feature the moment of lftar – the breaking of the fast – because it is a time to come together in celebration. In this campaign Vlisco presents the stories of four powerful Nigerian Muslim women who are transforming and benefiting their community.





Maryam is an influential poet, motivational speaker, and writer invested in creating a future where women are honoured, and people of all faiths are accepted in society. Through her media house Deen-at-heart, she has created an Abuja-based sister’s circle, and a hotline supporting youth in crisis.

Lady1 Maryam 1
Lady2 Fatimah 1




Oyinkansola Fatima Momoh is the founder of @Muslimahstyleguide, an online platform and TV show born from Fatima’s dream to infuse style into the lives of Muslim women. That dream has evolved into a platform that influences women to strive for excellence, not only in fashion, but in all areas of life, with love and sincerity as its core driving force. Fatima also runs the Muslimah Hub; a women’s-only hijab-free space intended as a haven for women to foster togetherness and growth in all areas of life.




A woman on a mission. She envisions a world where Nigerian women and girls “can be who we are, without the permission of others.”
In 2018, she was the first woman to run for political office in the House of Representatives in Nigeria’s Argungu-Augie Federal Constituency. She’s a passionate advocate for women, encouraging people to “not only give women the right to vote, but also elect women.” She is inspired by the complexities of identity, gender empowerment, and the “wild abundance” in African everyday life. Based on her award-winning photojournalism and powerful aptitude for leadership, she serves as Senior Special Assistant on New Media to Kebbi State Governor.

Lady3 Aisha
Lady4 Hafsah 1




Hafsah (@hafymo) writes and vlogs about fashion and beauty, but also about more complex issues of faith and lifestyle. Hafsah wants her work to help empower women her age. “I really believe in this generation of women,” she says. “We are talking more about the real relevant issues for women.” To her, this signals “the beginning of a revolution for us.” Hafsah “can’t wait to see how huge it’s going to become.”


ramadan campaign


A selection of bespoke Ramadan outfits that match the expressive personalities of these four influential Nigerian power­houses – women as bold as superheroes with the panache to match. Using four brand new floral and geometric Dutch wax designs from our collection, fashion icon Hudayya created looks that keep these women flawlessly covered in a mix of tunics, breezy pants, capes, and elegant gowns to strike an edge that is uncompromisingly classy and fearless.

new collection


Take a first peek at Vlisco’s new collection. Fresh new Dutch Wax prints, characterized by bursting spring fruits and flora, bold and demure geometrics, lavish luxury, and hypnotic patterns. Each with its own hidden story to be discovered. lt’s a varied and complex collection of grand and starkly diverse styles, harmoniously brought together by our gorgeous new colour palette.

Look Xl



The biggest personalities require the biggest motifs. Make your entrance unforgettable with a daring statement piece fit for the red carpet, like this psychedelic floral. A sensational way to grab the spotlight with bold and uncompromising beauty.


This new Super Wax with its cascading infinite ribbon print shows you the possibilities for XL scale. A print so bold, it tells you where to cut: follow its geometries to determine your angles, contours, pleats and folds.

Fabricrange Xl




Vlisco designs are perfect for customized looks built through unique print placement. With all the possibilities that lie within these designs, one can create a singular look, and play around in creative and expressive ways. It’s a bigger challenge, but once mastered, the results are stunning.




Here are a few tips from fashion designers to help maximize a new print-with-personality:


  • Once you bring your Vlisco fabric home, position yourself with your new fabric in front of a mirror to begin testing looks.
  • Play around with different arrangements of the fabric by shifting, tucking,
    folding, and pleating, before making any cuts.
  • Although motifs can look great when placed at the centre of your body,
    also try using the motif to highlight other parts of your body.
  • Choose an area (or areas) of the body you want to highlight.
  • Now start making decisions: Do you want the print geometries to match at the seams for a continuous look? Do you want to cut a shape out to use as a flourish for the waist, head wrap, or sleeves (or any other desired area)?



Find images of designer print placement that you love
and take inspiration from those techniques.


For Aisha Augie-Kuta’s dress, designer Hudayya accentuated the neckline by placing the print motif front-and-centre as a bold statement, almost like armour. When Hudayya designed Fatimah Momoh’s outfit, she applied print placement techniques on the sleeve seam. By choosing to arrange the fabrics diagonally and opposite to each other, she created a fishtail effect… a very clever use of the fabrics. Just two great examples of all the creative possibilities that each Vlisco design can offer.


it up



We’ve pollinated our new collection!
Now you can decorate yourself from crown to toe in overflowing new bouquets. Big crackling poppies with elephant ear petals snake over a background of fertile wheat stocks. And fruiting vines with bursting pods symbolising summer fertility climb up the design.



Huddaya Fadoul Abacha is founder and CEO of Hudayya Couture Limited and Hudayya Bridal Emporium. After starting her first small fashion house in 2012, this Abuja-based business has climbed up from its modest beginnings into the most high-profile wardrobes of Nigeria — including the first lady, President Buhari’s daughter Zahra, and celebrities such as Genieve Nnaji and D’ija. Hudayya’s “non-conformist” spirit, passion for business, and dedication to excellence in tailoring has made her a fantastic success. She now inspires generations of rising fashion stars through her newly established design school, Hudayya Academy of Fashion.






Designer Hudayya

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