Essivi Mimi Bossou-Soedjede

Her secret to success? “The path to success is strewn with stones and thorns, but if you manage to resist all these obstacles by keeping your sights set on your goals in life, you will end up achieving your dream.”


Being an advocate for youth education and the director of TV5 Monde, our Togo ambassador Mimi has become a role model for many young people in her country.

“Being a Vlisco Ambassador is a great opportunity to tell everyone who is listening and who sees what I’m doing, that it is possible, that they can also succeed like me.”


Though it is hard to imagine how the Director of TV5 Monde can find the time to do anything else, Essivi is also involved in sexual education in schools and coordinates the production of Ados Mag’ magazines for teenagers and Bakan’ magazines for children. Essivi is also the director of Association Précieux Trésor de Vie, an educational centre that coaches, assists and educates young people in their development on several levels. “Children should be the actors of their own development,” Essivi states.

“Let’s continue to be daring, to take action, to take up our noble basic mission of the family unit and mother of humanity, let’s continue to work for good causes.”

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