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Vlisco new  collection fabrics include Wax Hollandais (also called Dutch Wax or Wax Block), Super-wax or Java fabrics created for fashion design.  Unique print styles that inherit the African culture.
The appealing pattern and unique colour combinations ensure that everyone can express their personality in their clothing.  We use unique patterns in shades like yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown. The designs are available in 6 yard, sometimes also in 2, 4 or 12 yards (cotton cloth).  Shop the colourful design world of VLISCO! Some prints of the recent collections are still for sale in our online store: Hero, Celebrate, Unseen, Hommage à l’Art, Jeu de Couleurs, Parade of Charm, Funky Grooves, Palais de Sentiments, Silent Empire, Nouvelle Histoire and Reflet de Lumière. Since 1846 we have been creating fabrics in Holland that have influenced the African fashion landscape. 

To buy Vlisco fabrics means holding a work of art in your hands. Wear it with pride!

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